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Weekend Wellness

What are you doing this weekend to take care of yourself, honor your emotions, and increase your wellbeing?

12:15 pm Friday afternoon… proctoring a silent study (where the very distinct sound of children whispering and cell phones pinging can still be heard)… I’m excited for my upcoming weekend. My husband and I are headed to the family lake house in Maine for one last visit before the winter.

Today is a brisk fall day in Boston and I hope we haven’t missed the changing foliage in Maine.

5:00 pm Welcome to Maine!

What Brings You Peace?

There is tired that sleep can fix. And a tired that only peace can fix.

Today is also Magic Kingdom’s 50th birthday. It’s not clear to me if it’s my impending 42nd birthday or the fact that I love Disney so much that has me rather chocked up at MK’s birthday. I do wish to be there. I’m so thankful it exists.

There is also a tired only Disney can fix.

Demand of Yourself Wellness Time

We schedule appointments, meetings, dinner plans, vacations. When was the last time you wrote on your calendar meditation time, nature time, me time?

Put the same importance as making that deadline on setting aside time for you to rejuvenate yourself.

Compassion fatigue and burnout are real and difficult feelings to deal with.

Breathe with me

Take a moment now to practice a quick breathing technique.

Breathe in through your nose gently. Say “I breathe in peace”

Exhale gently through your mouth. Say “I breathe calm”

“I am peaceful. I am calm”

Repeat as needed.

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