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A Year of Yoga… in bed. An update.

Well, it has been a few weeks now that I have been practicing (almost daily) some easy yoga poses before getting out of bed.

Here is what I have learned so far…

• I have not seen ANY change in my body at all, but that does not discourage me. • On days I do not do my yoga stretches I am an incredible amount of pain, so something MUST be working. • I feel so much less stressed (and less witchy) when I stretch in the morning. • I may try stretching at night as well to help with my sleep. (I sleep like crap most days) • I went from not being able to wear heels AT ALL to being able to tolerate a whole day in heels (I’m around every other every three weeks at this point), yay!! • The most important thing I have learned is even with a couple minutes a day I can make my health and wellness a priority.

I have spent the better part of 40 years hating myself and my body. Telling myself I was too lazy or too fat to treat my body with grace and caring.

I may not be totally thrilled with my body at this point, but she continues to get me through my days (regardless of the aches and pains I have caused her). I owe my body more than bashing myself for not counting calories, or having that extra brownie. My body deserves more from me than that.

Have an absolutely blessed day!

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